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My Dear Rabbit Ella

Ella my dear rabbit passed in my arms last Saturday, October 27th, 2018. Her passing followed six weeks of nursing care for two infected teeth that were surgically removed by a specialist. During that time Ella developed GI stasis, which evidently is common in rabbits with any illness.

The GI stasis treatment required me to administer subcutaneous fluids, syringe feedings of large volumes of gruel, and multiple medications 2 times per day. Ella was a trooper. She continued to eat small amounts from the elaborate buffet of choices that I presented her with each day. She would stomp and throw the food choices that she did not prefer. Each morning when I came down the stairs she would hop to greet me and explore what snacks I might have for her. She was grabby with her carrots. Ella was often sassy, whipping the feeding syringe across the floor and slapping her hind foot in protest. Then she would stop to groom her face and ears which I never got tired of watching. When the weather was sunny I brought her out to the greenhouse. She hopped laps around the greenhouse and marked everything that she could reach with the scent glands on her chin.

I am of course sad. Ella was with me for 8.5 years and I loved and enjoyed her. But I have no regrets I did my very best and Ella did her very best. We shared over six weeks of bonding in the house and adventures traveling to various veterinary clinics.

One of the many valuable gifts of Ella is the inspiration and initiative for me to write about a subject very dear to my heart. That subject is the knowing that EVERY DAY IS A GIFT.
The experiences with Ella provided me an opportunity to acknowledge:


LIFE IS A CIRCLE and I wish for people to embrace the end as well as the beginning.

That is why I am sharing Ella’s story. Our cherished animal friends provide us with precious occasions to appreciate the gifts of the circle of life.

Over the years Ella was our reliable patient greeter who found all the dogs interesting and was never offended by their sometime aggressive salutations. She gathered many wonderful stories of the dogs that came to greet her. The intention was for Ella to tell of those adventures. In Ella’s honor we will continue to post those tails on our Blog.